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Product Services Include: 

  1. Sourcing High Quality Market R&D and Reports

  2. TAM/SAM/SOM Analysis 

  3. Competitor Analysis 

  4. Product Requirements Documentation

  5. Functional Specifications

  6. BOM development

  7. Product Roadmaps and Certification Timelines

  8. Scope of Work development and review for testing and bankability

  9. Participating in industry standard development Working Groups and Technical Committees

  10. Documentation:

    1. Datasheets

    2. Specifications

    3. Manuals

    4. Diagrams

    5. Etc…

  11. Feedback Surveys

  12. Market Intelligence

  13. Conference Support

  14. Communicating and Tracking Technical Feedback from customers to Cross Functional Team Leaders (Product Engineering Managers, Product Managers, Software Engineering Leads, etc..)

  15. Projecting Market Demand for future products

Sameer Singh 

Electrical Engineer

Project Manager

Smartgrid Consultant


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