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Sameer Singh, PE - Founder and CEO

Smart Grid Engineering was founded by CEO Sameer Singh, PE for one simple reason: to solve today's climate crisis with intelligent electrical power systems and controls engineering.


SGE seeks to deploy sustainable generation when possible and manage loads to maximize financial returns.


SGE leverages over a decade of experience to arrive to the most optimal solution for customer energy management and delves into every aspect of project optimization.


Interconnection, Supply Chain, Project Management, Construction, and Operations & Maintenance.


We are problem solvers, tinkerers, and passionate optimizers ready to tailor an ideal solution for you.


Hi, I'm Sameer Singh and I founded Smart Grid Engineering. My vision is to make the grid smarter through development and deployment of state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions.


I joined the Solar, Energy Storage and Microgrid industry as an engineer over 12 years ago after graduating from Penn State with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I've had the privilege of working for companies both large and small, where teams have successfully installed and commissioned hundreds of projects, residential, commercial and industrial.


I've utilized an incredibly diverse range of innovative products. I've performed design engineering, engineering management, product management functions and more. I acquired my Professional Engineering License in 2016. I left Tesla in December of 2020, having worked there for 5 years.


If given the opportunity I hope to leverage my passion and subject matter expertise in business and engineering to aide your company in success. We can solve the climate crisis by being smarter together.

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